Updated: 5 days ago

With economy the way it is, where to invest your money could be a crap shoot. My Grandmother used to put her money in the old water pipes in her basement. At least there, she knew where it was and how much she had, not to mention, she could go and visit it from time to time, feeling very secure. Not much of a return, but she never lost it.

I used to hear people talk about working hard and putting money into their retirement funds, college funds, and real estate. They would give up many things to invest in their future, hoping that in the end, all these sacrifices would give them the pleasures that they had been hoping for. Unfortunately, many of these dreams fell apart due to our financial crisis. However, the principle behind investing over the long term in a good investment is sound, resulting in gains, not losses.

This holds true when it comes to investing in your health. “If you don’t have your health, you just don’t have anything," is as true today as it was a century ago. Health, like money, doesn’t grow on trees. You need to invest your time, some money and you need to work for it. We all know that exercising, more than ever, is an investment in your body’s health and well being. There is documented, medical proof that cardio vascular exercise plus resistance training helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol, boosts the immune system to help fight decease, increases bone density, fights depression and increases metabolism. There may be many excuses not to start an exercise program or stick with it, however, the longer you wait, like any investment, the longer you wait to reap the rewards. Your investment today will yield you a stronger, healthier, more energetic and happier you.

So, when you are planning your investments this coming year, why not put you and your health investment at the TOP of the list. Control over health care starts with each individual, not Congress. Do not let doubts or fears stand in your way from your daily contribution to this investment. The pleasures of health are priceless! So let’s get started!

Love and peace,