Be Prepared and Live a Dream

Updated: 5 days ago

A couple of months ago, my client’s husband came up to me and said, I think I would like to compete in a powerlifting show. He has been lifting for probably half his life, “old school” I like to call it, and I was pretty excited for him. Oh, did I mention that he is in his 50s? No? Well he is. Anyway, he researched and found that he was currently lifting pretty close to the current record on the competition’s bench press! Now that’s what I call being prepared. Did he have any idea at this stage that he would be doing this? Maybe, maybe not, my point is that he was ready for the challenge.

Barbel Fitness has a motto, “You have a lot of living to do so you better be prepared for it”. Weight training prepares, molds, strengthens, enhances, alters, challenges, and protects the mind and body. When the principles of weights training are learned and adhered to, like an old friend, it will never let you down. For instance, when one of my clients found herself in a car wrapped around a tree, her doctor called me to let me know that it was her strong muscular condition that saved her life and made her injuries less severe. Was this accident on her “to do” list? I don’t think so, but she was prepared for it. So, are you prepared for anything that life could throw at you? How about your children wanting to go for a bike ride? A friend that is in need of some furniture moved? A walking tour on the cruise? The gardening and yardwork that needs to be done around the house? Or even just life’s surprises such as falls, accidents or the stress level being almost unbearable at work. And then what about life’s aspirations such as wanting to become a powerlifter, bodybuilder, martial artist, soccer player, runner, or golfer? Get in the gym, find a good Fitness Professional, get a personalized program, and start lifting weights!

A famous bodybuilder recently said in an interview, “You will look at my bicep and you will see a 20-inch bicep and you say, ‘Wow, look at what this training has done’ –that’s the obvious,” he said. But it’s what the training does inside you that is more meaningful, he said –“the harder you work, the more you gain, there’s no shortcut, and that each time you fail, you just got to get up and try again.” He knows, as many others do, that this sport builds character, inner strength, discipline and self confidence. These are much of the qualities that one needs to be successful in all aspects of life.

And what about my friend you ask? Well. He has begun his training and has risen up against his toughest challenger. Himself. No one will push him harder than he does himself. Sounds like life doesn’t it? That’s my point exactly. I look at this sport as a way of life.

Love and peace,