Don't let the Wants of Tomorrow...

When I was a competitive bodybuilder, I trained six days a week, sometimes twice a day. Yes, very crazy! Competing was hard work, and I loved it (Yes, that's me in the picture!). I remember one particular show for which I was training. I would wake up in the morning, run to the mirror and critique my physique. It seemed there was always something more that needed to be done. I was my worst enemy, always wanting more. For instance, I wanted my legs harder so that they would be more cut, or my biceps should be a little more round and my back more broad. I was always looking toward tomorrow. Tomorrow I would be better. Tomorrow…tomorrow… It wasn’t until many tomorrows later, when I was showing my son some of the old pictures from that show that I really looked at that moment in time and realized how wonderful I looked. Boy, did I miss the boat! I missed that moment to appreciate and enjoy my accomplishments. In other words, I was not happy then. That was sad! That little walk down memory lane changed my way of thinking. I vowed that I would not let another day go by without embracing the good health and well being that I worked hard to achieve at that moment.

Today, as a fitness trainer, I have the wonderful opportunity to work with so many people endeavoring to reach their own goals for their bodies and their health. Now I know that a lot of them wake up in the morning and run to the scale to check out their weight. Depending upon what the scale says, this may determine how they feel about themselves and how happy they will be that day. So the scale becomes what was my mirror. Now I am here to tell you, don’t let the scale run your life as the mirror did mine.

Here’s how I see it. As my clients walk through the gym doors and take their place on the cardio deck, most of them do not even realize at that very moment they have accomplished a great deal. Most of them would have turned around and gone home, but they have pushed aside the fatigue, elbowed their way around the stress and kicked their courage into third gear.

Already winners, and not knowing it, facing their trainer square in the face, with a ”bring it on” attitude, they take a deep breath, place that weight in their hand and pump their way to achieving much more than they could imagine. That very moment in time, they took control, found their power, and gave the aging process a kick in the butt.

How important is it for us to enjoy the good work we are doing for ourselves right now, regardless of the fact we want more. Don’t get me wrong, wanting better is ok. However, there is so much that we do not see right now because we are always looking for the results of tomorrow. Let me tell you, if you are striving to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle, you are doing much. The scale may not be moving, but you are improving the immune system which means fewer colds and combatting disease. Your clothes may not be fitting looser but your bones are getting stronger. You may not be running a marathon just yet, but your energy and stamina have increased, so you can do more for your family and your business. And do I need to mention that your blood pressure and cholesterol are down, and your doctor said you can get off your meds, even though you still eat that piece of chocolate?

Ok, so you see where I am going with this. Take this moment to bask in the responsible, wonderful, successful and healthier you. Believe me, you deserve it. DO IT! You will not regret the moment.

Now, when my clients leave the gym, I would like to believe that the smile on their face is because they enjoyed their moment with me, their hard work, which is paying off, and not that they are happy their training session is over! Oh come on! Allow ME to enjoy your accomplishments for the moment!

Love and peace,


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