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Improve discipline and confidence?

Make peace with your body and food?

Have dedicated time for your training plan?

Make self-care a staple in your life?

Obtain your fitness advice all from one place?

Making time for yourself is crucial for keeping your peace. Peaceful movement provides time to cherish your body and all it does for you by giving it time to recover. Foam rolling, stretching, and meditation can aid your body in recovery so you can feel your best.

Flexibility, recovery and stress management are three of the most neglected factors in a Training Plan. Throughout this phase, your trainer will be addressing these factors but a heavier emphasis may be placed in this phase. We will introduce you to a concept called active recovery which includes having space for mild to moderate exercise like shadow boxing and stretching like Yoga. And as a bonus, all the movements you learn in this phase require minimal (a mat and mitts) or no equipment so you can take them anywhere with you, even on vacation.

Both our training program and health coaching program can provide you:

  • The start of your very own cookbook consisting of individualized menu options for meals and snacks (vegan and vegetarian friendly), food combinations, time-saving strategies, tips for eating out and navigating the grocery store (how to shop and save money)

  • Personalized shopping lists that take the guessing out of what to buy every week, including tips on how to add flavor to your dishes

  • Evidence-based supplement guidelines - Be able to identify micronutrients, their uses and why your body might need them plus how to read food & supplement labels

  • Your complete and personalized Health and Wellness Action Plan (if you are in health coaching)

  • Your complete and personalized Training Plan (if you are in personal training)

Address: 1579 Straits Turnpike

Middlebury, Connecticut 06762

Phone: 203-518-4120

Barbel Fitness is located inside the Score Wellness Center at 1579 Straits Turnpike, Turnpike Office Park, Middlebury, Connecticut. Exit 17 on I-84 West. Come join the Barbel Family!

Each month, you will have been assessed to gauge your progress toward your goals, improvements in daily living and application of knowledge through the skills, and habits you have been practicing throughout your time in our program.

All clients progress differently and at their own pace depending on their goals and needs. We encourage all clients to ALWAYS BE STUDENTS when it comes to their self-care. Always be open to learning different and exciting ways to move, train, nourish, fuel and rest your body. 

​You can rest easy knowing your Training Plan is designed with you in mind. Your plan is tailored to your lifestyle, goals, schedule, available equipment, travel needs, injury history, and medical status. 

Your Health and Wellness Action Plan will include menu options for meals and snacks, eating before and after your workout, time-saving tips in the kitchen, tips for eating out, how to safely prepare and store food and help combining foods in fun ways. Our staff provides evidence-based supplement guidance so you have a better idea of what supplements do and how they might assist you in your goals. If that's not enough, you’ll get a personalized shopping list that takes the guesswork out of shopping and what to get for the week!

Your Training Plan will include strength training, cardio, and mobility work so you have a structured exercise routine that’s designed for your best self and goals. Most of all, you'll learn how to change it by yourself and if you need help, we are always here!


Don’t want to go to a gym? No problem. Every exercise is reviewed by our trainers for safety and effectiveness using text, recorded video, live video chat, pictures, and emails. If you are looking to build a home gym, we can evaluate what equipment is suitable for you based on your initial assessment, space and budget!

You can add virtual or in-person sessions to your plan at any time. You can utilize our small, community-centric group format or get one-on-one attention or a little of both. Your package is totally customizable to you.

All our sessions are offered in-person or online!

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