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Do you want to gain muscle and lose fat?

Do you want to look awesome for a wedding or special event?

Are you scared of exercising?

Do you have an injury or condition that requires personal attention?

Do you need help with proper form?

Most people have a bad fitness experience if they: 

  • Walked into a gym for the first time and felt pressured to buy a membership or personal training during their tour of the facility or free consultation but felt they were given no guidance on how to use the equipment or were pressured into spending money on the training they were not sure they needed. 

  • Searched their goals on Google to figure out how to reach them and found nothing but articles containing fad diets or workout plans that ultimately failed because they were not designed for them. 

  • Watched a scary documentary on Netflix or was ever told to be fearful of any type of food without good reason. 

  • Followed fitness influencers and tried to exercise, eat or look like them because they were sold an image of health rather than a lifestyle. 

People who have attempted a fitness program want to know that their training is improving their life or moving them toward a goal. Some of those people turn to a community who are looking for the same thing. Others pursue training independently. Community brings the support of likeminded people while being independent gives you space to yourself. However, when it comes to personal fitness goals, most people will fall somewhere in the middle and a choose a bit of both.


Many who seek a fitness community will find the one they are looking for. Others will spend time looking for one before they find the right fit. Everyone who attempts a fitness program without achieving real or lasting results eventually quits and combine that with a bad gym experience and lack of support, they may never try fitness again, even if they know it's good for them. That's where we come in. 

End "yoyo training" for good and get a personalized program that's made for you! The Precision phase of our program is the first impression clients have of us and we strive to make it the best experience they have ever had with fitness no matter their goals. We aim to be the first name on your mind for all things fitness. Your trainer starts by assessing some of the imbalances in your body that might impair movement or increase risk of injury. From there, we begin building your foundation by performing the fundamental exercises that can help alleviate tension, improve flexibility and mobility, and strengthen de-conditioned muscles in your body. 

Like our training program, our health coaching program works the same way. We assess your lifestyle skills, current habits and nutritional knowledge to come up with a curriculum that works for you. From the data we collect, your personalized Health and Wellness Action Plan will be developed. This is where you begin to learn about your body, how to move it safely, how to fuel it for performance, and learn where to make adjustments as needed. Plus, with enough practice, you'll be able to do everything we coach you on intuitively without all the rules and restrictions conventional fitness wisdom has taught us. 

We want our clients to walk into any gym at any time and feel confident communicating to staff what they need. We also help clients design their own self-care space right in their home if they cannot make it to the gym or prefer to train in solitude. You will develop confidence in this phase by reading your body's queues and learn skills to self-assess that will assure your program is working for you instead of endlessly guessing and scrolling. And if you choose, you can train in a small group with just you, your coach and 8 others. 

Our trainers have many years of experience with clients and have taken incredible courses in corrective exercise, performance enhancement, nutrition, yoga, mat Pilates, boxing and conditioning. We are an inclusive fitness studio and provide programs to all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. All sessions are offered in-person, in-home, and online! Check out our Pricing for details and schedule your initial assessment!

Can’t make it in to see us but interested in our program? We offer virtual coaching. Virtual services can be done anywhere in the world through text and recorded/live video chat.

Are you within 20-30 minutes of our location and prefer to train in the conveniently in your own home? Contact us for our discounted in-home training packages and see how easy it is to add training to your daily routine!

Address: 1579 Straits Turnpike

Middlebury, Connecticut 06762

Phone: 203-518-4120

Barbel Fitness is located inside the Score Wellness Center at 1579 Straits Turnpike, Turnpike Office Park, Middlebury, Connecticut. Exit 17 on I-84. Come join the Barbel Family!

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