Not sure what to do in the gym?

Are you an “on-again, off-again” member who is discouraged by a lack of results?

Hate the gym but want to exercise?

Do you want to learn new exercises and proper form?

Do you have an injury or condition that requires personal attention?

Do you need help with motivation and accountability for exercise?

Our staff will lead you through one-on-one workouts that are 100% personalized to you. Every workout will bring you closer to your goals and address your needs. Our Personal Trainers will challenge you and push you while instructing you through proper form and ensuring you move safely through each workout.

Personal Trainers at Barbel Fitness will prove to you that you can in fact perform the exercises we show you and you can do it better, stronger and faster every time. We realize that stepping into the gym for the first time can be anxiety provoking and asking for help is sometimes necessary to learn the basics or even tune up an existing workout plan. 

Our Personal Trainers use a wide variety of equipment to help strengthen core stability and functionality with a heavy emphasis on movements that are relevant to your day to day life. We focus on balance, flexibility, power and overall strength. 

Many of our Personal Trainers have specializations in Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement, Medical Fitness, Seniors, Youth, and more. All of our Personal Trainers are full-time dedicated. 

Address: 1579 Straits Turnpike

Middlebury, Connecticut 06762

Phone: 203-518-4120

Barbel Fitness is located inside the Score Wellness Center at 1579 Straits Turnpike, Turnpike Office Park, Middlebury, Connecticut. Exit 17 on I84 West. Come join the Barbel Family!

Our staff has years of education and experience. Our mission is to guide all of our clients to a healthy and functional lifestyle.

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1579 Straits Turnpike

Middlebury, CT 06762