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Barbara Martinsen

From Wall Street to weights, Barbara's journey to health, purpose and abundance has spanned three decades.  After too many Wall Street lunches and stressful client meetings, finding her own health to be suffering, she was lead in an extraordinary way to the world of bodybuilding.

Quitting her job, and selling her car, she moved to Venice Beach, California where she trained under some of the world's greatest bodybuilders.  She competed and was a finalist in the Hawaiian and Los Angeles Body Building Championships and has appeared in Muscle Fitness and Muscular Development Magazines.  Taking time off to be a Mom, she found that competing no longer held her attention, so she turned her energies to teaching others how to take control of their health and well being through nutrition and fitness. She is the Founder of Barbel Fitness, located in Middlebury, Connecticut, where she works with all populations from 8 to 88 years old. The warm environment, compassionate but firm instruction, discipline, and wardrobe all are what makes her clients feel like family.  Barbara will tell you:


"If you make small, positive changes, daily, and stick with them, they will lead you to the person you want to be".

Wyatt Martinsen

As a Medical Fitness Specialist, Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer, Wyatt Martinsen guides clients to their own strength and mentors other coaches on the fundamentals of fitness. Wyatt has been a fitness professional for over a decade and has been in the gym all his life. Wyatt has been involved in sports such as Mixed Martial Arts, Track and Powerlifting. Wyatt has had the pleasure of working with a wide range of diverse individuals from all walks of life. When working with clients, Wyatt practices a client-centered and strengths-based approach, developing each program based on the person and carefully implementing it safely with them.

Wyatt prioritizes continuing education, obtaining certifications that are relevant to clients with special needs such as Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement, Cancer Training, Diabetes Training, Silver Sneakers, Youth Fitness and more. Wyatt believes that fitness is for everyone and uses his own past experiences with injury and illness to develop programs that emphasize a client’s strengths while shattering weaknesses. Wyatt is well versed in specialized fitness equipment including but not limited to TRX Suspension Training, Pilates Wheel, Kettlebells, Variable Resistance, Maceballs and Indian Clubs which he reviews in great length before using with his clients.

Pulling in a mind-body dualistic approach, Wyatt knows how to facilitate behavior change for a healthy lifestyle and advocate for the mental and physical well-being of all his clients. Through Wyatt’s years in the field, he has found a passion for working with special populations including but not limited to post-rehab physical therapy, chronic illness/pain, children, and the young at heart. Wyatt’s mission is to provide accessible, affordable and quality wellness programs to as many people as possible.