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Barbel Fitness is committed to improving the fitness industry in the following ways:

  • Developing the current PAR-Q to simplify access to activity facilities for users

  • Promoting a culture of fitness that is inclusive and body positive

  • Assist the health, medical, and fitness industries to work in harmony while supporting initiatives to encourage the nation to become more active

  • Educate communities on the similarities and differences between health-specific components of fitness and sports-specific components of fitness

  • Promoting diversity in the field of personal training

  • Be consistent with current government policies in encouraging every individual to take part in their health and fitness

  • Increase accessibility and affordability to health clubs, gyms, and wellness centers

  • Improve the education and training of entry-level personal trainers and form a knowledge-sharing community

  • Increase the value and quality of services that health clubs, gyms, and wellness centers provide to their communities

  • Expand the opportunity for clubs and communities to maximize membership 

  • Be in keeping with current trends in legislation, case law, and best practice

  • Be consistent with a more modern approach to client-centric care 

  • Advocate to improve the working conditions and compensation for personal trainers

  • Provide the opportunity for a uniform approach across the health and fitness industry, producing greater clarity and reducing costs while preserving personalized fitness programming

  • Increase access to training plans using technology to fill in gaps

  • Offer solutions in plain English, which are accessible to fitness instructors, staff, members, and communities

  • Remove stress and anxiety from staff in relation to the health of members

  • Improving the health and fitness of gamers, developers, and those who work predominantly online

  • Provide subsidized or free training plans through sponsorships and donations to people who may find personal training useful but may not be able to afford it due to situational or economic reasons

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