Look awesome for your wedding or special event?

See results from your wellness plan?

Figure out what to do in the gym?

Exercise without joining a gym?

Finding a personalized, sustainable and intuitive exercise and nutrition plan?

Getting your nutrition and exercise advice from one place?

Many of our clients understand that you cannot simply exercise your way to your goals if nutrition is not addressed. Our clients also know that for every fad diet, there is a fad workout right in the same article. Our plans are designed to be combined and used to propel you toward your goals. Our standard is personalization, not one-size-fits-all approaches. Fitness + Nutrition is the equation we use. 

What’s included?

Our staff offers a variety of ways to blend fitness and nutrition:

  • Monthly or weekly nutrition counseling sessions.

  • Individualized nutrition plans, tailored for every meal and snack, food combinations, time-saving strategies, tips for eating out and portion size guidelines.

  • Personalized shopping lists so you know what to buy each week

  • Evidence-based supplement guidelines

  • Personalized exercise program, including special needs, strength training, and cardio.

  • Monthly or weekly sessions to review all exercises in your program.

  • Additional personal training or small group sessions

  • Review and tracking of food and exercise diary

  • Daily replies to email, text and video messages

  • 700,000 different food options

  • 40,000 recipes

  • 10’s of thousands of meal ideas

  • 10’s of thousands of exercise ideas

  • Access to your developing plan

Address: 1579 Straits Turnpike

Middlebury, Connecticut 06762

Phone: 203-518-4120

Barbel Fitness is located inside the Score Wellness Center at 1579 Straits Turnpike, Turnpike Office Park, Middlebury, Connecticut. Exit 17 on I84 West. Come join the Barbel Family!

How does it work?

Our staff begins with a consultation and evaluation process, where we learn how you move and eat. We pay close attention to your goals, lifestyle, health and medical history, exercise, habits, specific needs, preferences, setbacks and more. Using the information we gather from you, we create the most comprehensive and individualized wellness plan for you that changes intuitively with you.

​You can rest easy knowing your exercise and nutrition planning is with you in mind. Your plans are tailored to your lifestyle, goals, schedule, available equipment, travel needs, injury history, and medical status.

You’ll receive a comprehensive and individualized wellness plan that includes options for every facet of nutrition and exercise.

Every nutrition plan will include options for meals and snacks, eating before and after your workout, time-saving tips in the kitchen, tips for eating out, portion sizes and guidelines for combining foods. Our staff utilizes evidence-based supplement guidance so you know what supplements you need to feel your best but are also safe, effective and affordable. You’ll get a personalized shopping list that takes the guesswork out of shopping and anxiety out of what to get for the week.

Every personalized exercise program will include strength training, cardio, and mobility work so you have a structured workout routine that’s designed for your best self and goals. Like your nutrition plan, your workout program is 100% tailored for your goals, needs, injuries/issues, time constraints, preferences, and available equipment. Don’t want to go to a gym? No problem. Every exercise is reviewed by our staff for safety and effectiveness using text, recorded video, live video chat, pictures, and emails. We can evaluate what equipment and space you have available, the same way!

You can add virtual or in-person sessions to your plan at any time. You can utilize our small support group format or get individualized attention. Your package is totally customizable to you.

All packages and plans are offered in person or online.