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A big shout-out and congratulations to my amazing client, Bobby G. Gaetano. After one year of workouts, we at the Barbel Fitness Studio like to give our clients an opportunity to come up with an absolutely torturous workout and suffer through it with them. What they do, we do. The more committed the client, the more committed the trainer.

Bobby came to me one year ago today for a consultation after spraining his ankle and receiving therapy for it. He had a few experiences in the gym trying to pursue better health and as most of us know for one reason or another, found it extremely difficult to be motivated and consistent through it. I recall one story of him hiring a Personal Trainer in the past who treated him like a trainee at boot camp without even taking the time to get to know him in his first session. Bobby told me the first session was so bad, he could barely move for days afterward and never returned to that gym.

One consecutive year later and stronger than ever, Bobby has hardly missed a session in a year of training. In the rare event, he has missed a session due to his work or for the occasional Strawberry Park visit (which we hope he enjoys more this year), he has felt absolutely horrible about it, oftentimes asking for weekend appointments or training multiple days in a row just to get his sessions in. He has made an extreme commitment and taken extreme ownership over his health and has even inspired others along the way. He has developed not only motivation but dedication to his health and fitness goals and the results are in!

5.5% body fat loss, 25-pound bodyweight loss, 7 inches off his waist. Before picture on the left, after picture on the right. The Barbel Fitness Staff and Community congratulates Bobby G on an amazing year. I am proud of your results!

“After years of being one of those gym folk who never felt I needed a trainer... that was for everyone else...I have surely changed my heart in the matter. 

Last year I was down in the dumps and becoming a real couch potato recovering from thyroid cancer. I gained a lot of weight and I felt no hope. I resisted asking for help thinking I could do it on my own...well it wasn't working. Finally, after calling Barbel fitness my health, my attitude, my whole outlook on life, and self-esteem has changed. Barbel has blessed my life by direction, motivation, and focused coaching techniques. They won't let me quit! I love them so much for that!!


Anyone struggling with wanting real change.... rarely can we do it alone. Going to Barbel Fitness is a priority in my life! I just don't know- sincerely- what I would do without the help!  I hope to see others make the call. You will never be the same. Now I won't ever go it alone.... Thank you Barbel!”

We love our clients at Barbel and no matter who is training who, we encourage them all. I guess that is what a family does. Well, Gwen is now part of the Barbel family. We love her and share in her victory. She is a fighter, a survivor of cancer and an ex couch potato. Way to go Gwen!

"Barb helped me transform my body and my outlook on life. Whether you are young or old, fit or unfit, looking to bulk up or just be healthy, if you are looking for someone to guide, train, and inspire you, Barb is the one to see!"

"I was the definition of "couch potato" Exercise was not in my vocabulary! I was trying to work out on my own  one more time when I decided to walk up to Barb and bite the bullet. I asked Barb to train me. I told her I was scared that I would fail but 5 1/2 years later I am a changed person! I look forward to my three days every week training at Barbel Fitness Studio. Thanks Barb!"

"Barbara has been my personal trainer for over 20 years. There were times when I would leave to train on my own, but I always came back as I missed the one-to-one attention and motivation to challenge myself. Her years of experience in fitness and expertise in TRX training have helped me increase my strength without compromising my joints and muscles. Her knowledge is second-to-none."

"I came to Barbel Fitness Studio because my knees were bothering me from inactivity and weight. While starting on my journey to wellness I was introduced to Young Living essential oils. Though still new at it, I am enjoying a renewed sense of health and wellbeing. This is not a "phase" it is the way to live."

"Barb has been my personal trainer 2-3 times a week for over 5 years and I will probably retire and still continue to see her. Not only does she “train” my body but she also trains my mind. She may make adjustments to my session depending on how I am feeling and what type of day I had. Sometimes it is more emotional and spiritual than physical. But she keeps the physical part challenging and motivating and seems to always know what I need. To sum everything up, SHE’S GREAT!"

"I have always been active in sports and felt I was in shape. However, chronic lower back pain after sports activites forced me to review what a proper wellness program should be. I took advice from my wife and in October of 2006, I began a workout program. It is amazing what I did not know about my body, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. My bi-weekly regimen began to have positive effects on all parts of my body. The chronic pain began to subside and became manageable. Now, I feel healthy once again. Thanks Barb!"

"Working out at Barbel Fitness Studio is not boring at all. It is actually fun. You learn things to stay healthy and to gain muscle. You don't get yelled at for gaining weight or losing too much, you simply have a little talk on how you can improve on what's been happening. You can ask Barb anything and she will sure be there to try to help you. After working out at the Barbel Fitness Studio, my results were amazing. I had lost 70 lbs. You will never leave Barbel unhappy."

"A little over four months ago, my dearest friend and I joined Barbel Fitness. Our goal was to get healthy. Barbara, our Personal Trainer, has helped us reach that goal. This has been one of the best things I have ever done for me. To top it all off, we have lots of fun!"

"Barbel Fitness has changed my world. A few months ago, my friend Paula and I decided we needed to do something for ourselves. This winter was very challenging for me. Thanks to our wonderful Personal Trainer, Barbara, I feel stronger than I have in a very long time."

"Barbara's expertise in the gym goes way beyond body building. She is knowledgable in nutrition, stress management, children and senior fitness, as well as sport specific training."


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