Welcome to Barbel Fitness, the movement inspiring strength, health, and vitality. Barbel Fitness has been dedicated to being the best in personal training for over 40 years. We are passionate about making personal training accessible, approachable and affordable for everyone.

Our mission is to present fitness in an educating, empowering and enjoyable way to our clients and community. These pillars inform each phase of our training plan and all of our content.

Have any questions? Check us out below and meet your trainer!

Phase 1: Precision

Take advantage of our educational expertise and practical experience to guide you to the solutions that work for you.

Phase 2: Power

Out staff will lead you through one-on-one workouts that are 100% personalized to you. Every workout will bring you closer to your goals and address your needs.

Phase 3: Peace

Our plans are designed to be combined and used to propel you toward your goals.  Our standard is personalization, not one-size-fits-all approaches. 


"Barbel Fitness helped me transform my body and my outlook on life. Whether you are young or old, fit or unfit, looking to bulk up or just be healthy, if you are looking for someone to guide, train, and inspire you, Barb is the one to see!"